New Year New Venture


It has been a whirlwind of a few months leading up to the back end of the year, therefore we can only apologise for not keeping the "News" section updated with the latest info!

We are so happy to announce our latest iLift Plasma Pen, in its unique and innovative design. Its slick, effective and easy on the eye and perfect for advanced therapists. All info on our packages can be found on our Machines & Training, under the iLift drop down :)

Fat Freezing business is booming as usual, and the Lipoglaze machines are still selling by the minute. Fat Freezing is definitely a good venture to get into, because nowadays clients are turning more towards non-surgical procedures as opposed to the more invasive ones. Enquire with us for further info on machines and training.

HIFU is still hot off the press, and clients/ therapists are still training to offer this advanced treatment, using the Time Machine System.

NEOPLAS introducing the UK's first NitroPlasma machine which helps to rid of carbon crusts, whilst also providing like 4 like if not BETTER results than the iLift Plasma! You know what to do for more info :)

COMING SOON: Hair Removal Machines & CryoSaunas !

Providing Treatments/ Training and Machines; we are more than certain you will find a machine and treatment for you!

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