Callsta - What you need to know...


Amabelle’s Lipoglaze Callista machine, is THE industry’s most advanced and powerful Cryo-lipolysis technology equipment. Providing reductions of up to 59% in just one treatment alone, clients have seen results in as little as 10 days; thus enabling Lipoglaze to remain at the forefront of the Cryo technology industry, with proven clinical trials and the UK’s only accredited training.

The non-invasive Callista machine has the option of 7 applicator attachments, two of which can be used at the same time (Duo-Sculpt), a great time saving feature meaning twice the revenue in half the treatment time! The metal applicators cover a much larger surface area during treatment and have a far greater capacity to conduct cold, which provides heightened permanent results, and ensures maximum client comfort during procedures. The curvature of the applicators aids the practitioner to treat all areas which may carry excess fat tissue, including: upper arm, inner/ outer thighs, abdomen, waist, side of knee, back, Brazilian butt lift and even under the chin!

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