CoCo Blanco GEL

CoCo Blanco GEL

Coco-Blanco Gel Technology uses patented detergent technology (derived from coconuts) that lifts stains off of teeth rapidly, without pain and without damage to teeth. The product also has special solvents and wetting agents that that penetrate rapidly into teeth, and it contains a pH neutralizer to make teeth whitening gels more safe. The coco-white gel creates negatively charged ionic foaming bubbles that work hard to lifts stain molecules away from teeth and also reduce teeth sensitivity associated with typical bleaching gels that dentists use. Key benefits • No peroxide, no sodium perborate. All ingredients are legal in UK without restriction. • Removes teeth stains using patented detergent technology • Fast Whitening - in 30 minutes (3 applications x 10 minutes each) • Prevents teeth sensitivity • Made with healthy safe ingredients derived from Coconuts • Cosmetic Whitening treatments last longer because stains are removed • Non-Abrasive. Does not scratch teeth enamel • Delicious coconut flavour

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