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Lipoglaze Treatments with LoveLite by Amabelle

Not fitting into the same pair of jeans you have had for a while? Looking to squeeze your way into a smaller outfit for an event, but your tireless efforts to diet and exercise prove exhaustively futile?

Then it’s time to look at an alternate means.

Lipoglaze is designed to assist with removing stubborn, unwanted fatty deposits, to create a more toned, contoured appearance on a particular area of the body. This process is also known as ‘Fat Freezing’ Cryo-Lipolysis or Cryogenic Lipolysis.

Areas Lipoglaze Can Treat:

Abdomen – Lower, Middle and Upper

Flanks (Love handles)

Gynecomastia (Man boobs)


Side of Knee

Back Fat

Thighs – Inner, Outer, Under bum

Our team of cosmetic beauty experts will conduct a private consultation with you at our exclusive clinics, before discovering your aims, objectives and ascertaining suitability. We will then develop your personal treatment plan, designed to give you maximum results.

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Where is Lipoglaze available?

Lipoglaze is available at our Harley Street clinic in the Medical district of Central London, as well as our trusted HQ in Hertfordshire.

How to book a Consultation or Treatment?

To book a LipoGlaze treatment please contact the LoveLite team on 03338003031 or complete our our online form or visit our contact us page.

Treatment Information:

🕑 Treatment Time

30 – 60 minutes

💉 Completely Non-Surgical


11-59% Fat reduction

🔓 Visible Results

2-12 week development

💁 Treatment Sensitivity

Low – Mild

🔃 Repeat Treatment

Not often required

👇 Downtime

Redness in area/ potential


💻 Time Off Work

Not required

Lifespan Of Results

Lifestyle Dependant


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