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Vicky Eldridge - Editor of Cosmetic News

"I started noticing a bit of a difference a couple of weeks after having the treatment but it was six weeks to two months later that I noticed the real difference. My weight on the scales has not changed however people keep telling me how much weight I have lost and I have been able to wear things I have not fitted in to for years because I was too conscious of my stomach. My stomach is noticeably much flatter and I feel more confident and happy with my body. I went to a fancy dress party for Halloween and wore a tight fitting cat suit which I never would have done before! The fact the treatment didn't hurt at all, was quick and had no downtime makes it even better. I would recommend this to anyone and would definitely have other areas of my body treated."

Lee Andrew - Director of LABS Clinic

"Since meeting the Lovelite ladies my life has changed. I witnessed the potential in the Lipoglaze technology immediately and I had no hesitation in investing with them.

Nicola Mclean Quote

Nearly three months in, my company has almost broke even from the Initial company start up investment. Including the return on the cost of the machine.
I have people travel from all over the country due to my advanced understanding of body fat, and the after care that I can provide in order to keep the weight off.

This all due to Lovelite's continuing support for me and my company, labsclinic, and my own belief and passion in the product and service that Labsclinic and LoveLite provide."