iLift - 28 Days to Flawless Perfection

Plasma skin treatment technology has become the buzzword of dermatology conferences and medical research.

Based on Plasma technology, iLift is a ground-breaking treatment that offers an outstanding alternative to surgery and procedures that were, until now, highly invasive; and only available on the medical market.

Plasma pic

The iLift Plasma treatment has the added benefit of minimal downtime and discomfort whilst giving highly significant results. Plasma, in the form of ionized gas, is emitted from the iLift Plasma device to deliver energy to the skin upon contact. When iLift plasma ions interact with your skin, it triggers the collagen and elastin fibres to restructure and regenerate. The process (sublimation) is so precise it only focuses on the target areas, ensuring that heat transferal does not take place in the surrounding tissues. No surgical utensils are used in treatment, deeming the process minimally invasive and more so non-surgical.

How plasma works

The treatment itself can vary in terms of how long it takes to perform, as this is dependent on the area we are working on; and how much work there is to be done! Post treatment, you will notice small carbon crusts on the area which has been targeted. These will then fall off, leaving fresh tightened skin. Within the process of 3 -28 days you will slowly start to notice the development of truly amazing results.

Consultations are required for all those interested in treatment, and training is provided for those interested in becoming an iLift Plasma technician.