HyGlow - No needle lip filler & facial rejuvenation treatments

Hy-Glow uses no-needle technology to deliver hyaluronic acids and peptide skin infusions to create long lasting results to the skin by penetrating deep into the epidermis. Often known under terminologies as such as no-needle lip filler, needle-free filler and needle-free hyaluronic filler.

The Hy-Glow no-needle filler is effective for assisting in the production of new collagen and protein whilst the active ingredients provide maximum effect directly to the problem areas to improve skin texture and tone, leaving a fresh and healthy glow to the complexion.

The treatment has a multitude of anti-ageing benefits, including wrinkle reduction, deep hydration, resurfacing, smoothing imperfections, freshens and plumps areas of the face (including the lips), as well as helping to remove blemishes. The HyGlow's most incredible selling point is that it is suitable for all skin types.

The HyGlow treatment is a fantastic alternative to injectables, and brilliant for those who have fears of needles, those looking to move over from injectables, and even those that just fancy trying the HyGlow no needle filler treatment.

Results are to be seen immediately in some areas, whilst others developing over a number of days. Treatment can last anywhere between 3-8 months and repeat treatment is advised to maintain your glow/ depending on your ideal goal.

Consultations are performed to ascertain your ideal goal, discuss the treatment areas in mind, and discuss the procedure. Treatment can either be performed on the day, or you can have some time to think about it. Contact us directly for further information on treatments, or to find a local therapist.

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