HyGlow no needle filler- how it works

How it works

The HyGlow treatment is one of the newest innovations to the beauty and aesthetic market, after being used for a multitude of years in the medical field. HyGlow is known as the no-needle alternative to lip filler and facial rejuvenation (no needle lip filler), providing incredible results without the use of dreaded needles. The device uses a microscopic hole through which hyaluronic acid and biorevitalizants are injected under the skin; through being triggered by a specially devised piston with a spring. It provides such intricate and uniform administration, in the targeted treatment area that we do not need to pierce through the skin, using needles. No wonder why HyGlow is known as the most advanced no-needle lip filler, and facial rejuvenation treatment of its kind

While administering cosmetic substances by HyGlow, products are absorbed and distributed under the skin much better than simple injections made by basic needles. The microscopic hole, through which cocktails and biorevitalizants are injected under the skin, is two times smaller than the diameter of the needle used for injections, making it safer, non-invasive and a fantastic no-needle alternative!

Hyglow vs needle