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LoveLite White

Product purchase/ Training Testimonials

"I purchased a LoveLite kit from a local supplier and was amazed at my results. What I found great was that I was able to take a kit home and improve the shade on the go! 6 shades whiter and I can't stop smiling. Pain-free, no sensitivity and really quick. I paid a set price for the kit and used the lamp for 3 sets of 15 minutes. It was simple, straight foward and I would highly reccommend it to anyone interested. Thanks for the white dazzling smile!"
Levanah Brown

I would definitely recommend ANYONE to purchase this fab product from a rep!...

"Wasn't really sure about buying a kit to use at home, however I was remarkably surprised at how my smile transformed within the space of 4 weeks. I am considering making use of the hired lamp within the next month or so as I hear it can improve your smile even further!.. Watch this space"
Warren Smith, Windsor, Berkshire

"I have been purchasing the home kits for the past 12 months and I can confirm how amazing the transformation has been. I am a frequent smoker and I drink around 4 cups of coffee a day. Doing the kit has transformed my appearance and has made me feel a lot more confident when smiling. I have made use of the hired lamp service on two occasions before events/ birthdays and I can confirm that they are great when looking for longevity. I then go on to use the kits once every few months. I would definitely recommend anyone to purchase this fab product from a rep!."
Craig Daniels, Hertfordshire

"WOW!! I love my new teeth!! I can't stop smiling!! My teeth became 8 shades whiter and it shows, my friends were all amazed and have now signed up to buy products from my local supplier, I'm so impressed with the results and never expected them to look so good..."
Claire Thomas, Ireland

WOW I love my new teeth... I can't stop smiling!!

"I treated myself to having my cosmetic teeth whitened and will never ever look back. The first night I went out people noticed straight away. The results are instant and now I am halfway to having that Hollywood smile."
Andrea, Barnet, North London

"I trained with LoveLite White in February, Right from booking my training day i have received A* service, The staff are always friendly and happy to help even when i had a million questions, The Training it self was amazing i felt very comfortable and relaxed in the stylish Ware clinic. I am so glad i chose to train with LoveLite it’s been the best thing i have ever done, the aftercare has been brilliant too and with next day delivery on all my orders i never have to worry about running out. Just being able to say i trained with LoveLite has had a huge impact on the amount of clients i get and i can’t thank LoveLite and the Staff enough."
Nemika Timblin, Cornwall

And a bigger thank you for my lovely white teeth...

"Thank you so much for the fab training day at the clinic friday. The team at LoveLite were great and made everything make sense. I feel so confident with the system all thanks to their amazing and professional teaching. I am looking forward to getting to work with the products. Once again a big thank you to all the team at LoveLite, Sam for answering all my questions and LoveLite for their great training 100% first class service with lovelite and a bigger thank you for my lovely brighter, whiter teeth. "
Saralee Shorter