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LoveLite White by Amabelle

LoveLite by Amabelle is a futuristic company who strive to be number 1 product supplier in the UK.

LoveLite by Amabelle is one of the UK's most innovative cosmetic whitening companies, based in the UK.

It is without doubt that stained, yellow teeth can be drastically ageing! Not only that but bad teeth can also stop you from smiling as opposed to a beautiful sparkling white set of teeth which will undoubtedly increase your confidence and make you more appealing as research shows that people who smile more are seen as being warmer, more approachable and more successful.

Debra has a great passion for aesthetic beauty. With over 20 year's experience in the industry, Debra is confident that LoveLite as a team, are able to deliver an unrivaled service and a range of innovative products and equipment that will exceed your expectations.

Cosmetic Stain Removal – The Science

The teeth whitening industry is booming! Thousands of people undergo cosmetic teeth whitening procedures every year; some are chairside with dentists, who are legally allowed to apply treatments using up to 6% Hydrogen Peroxide bleaching agents.

Others are DIY self-administered, using safe and effective stain removal products. But how do these products actually assist in making the teeth appear whiter? The science behind cosmetic teeth whitening is not complex but it will help you make informed decisions.

Our cosmetic formulations are developed by a multi award winning Dentist/Product innovator, who has developed pioneering advanced stain removal formulations that combine the latest technology with creative artistry.

With over 23 years of experience, he has developed cosmetic teeth whitening products with every major international oral care company including Colgate-Palmolive and Procter & Gamble and now LoveLite by Amabelle.

Straight from the manufacturer: The purpose of LoveLite’s range of cosmetic teeth whitening gels is to break up the substances that create stains on the teeth, essentially lifting them out so that light can shine on the actual surface of the teeth, rather than the stain. This permits more light to pass through and creates a whiter appearance.

When you use a LED in conjunction, the light is used to activate the gel further for more of an enhanced result. Evidence has shown that optimum results achieved by combining this with the use of home care kits. Your official product supplier will assist in determining the package best suited to your needs.

If you have any further questions regarding our product supplies & training please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team on 0333 300 3031.