Science Behind Lipoglaze

The Science...

Treatments are based on a scientific concept called cold panniculitis, a pathalogical process which occurs after exposure to cold. Some of the fat cells in the exposed cooled area are destroyed and ultimately disposed of by the liver.

Lipoglaze® is a non-invasive technique which has been developed using cryotherapy technology, providing the solution, whilst eliminating the risks associated with any surgical procedure. Our 60 minute LipoGlaze® procedure freezes fat cells in hard to shift areas, eradicating on average, 33% of fatty tissue in one treatment. Sensation is minimal and the fat cells naturally waste away leaving a more toned body!

Test Tubes

The Research...

Scientific research has proven that fat cells are more susceptible to cold than skin, nerves and muscle. Lipoglaze freezes and thins the subcutaneous layer of fat using controlled ICE therapy, without risk to surrounding tissue. LoveLite have conducted their own clinical trials through the Institute of Aesthetic Medicine in Glasgow. Intitial findings with Dr Darren McKeown are extremely exciting and show Lipoglaze® to be safe, and with proven results of 11% - an astounding 59% in just one treatment, with further reductions in subsequent treatments.

Clients slowly and safely have their curves contoured resulting in restored body confidence!

The Industry...

LoveLite by Amabelle remain at the forefront of the industry for pioneering technologies for fat freezing and body contouring. Our astounding results have enabled us to be labelled as having the most advanced machines on the market for fat freezing using cryotherapy. We continue to innovate our way throughout the industry, introducing groundbreaking machines and providing the best body contouring treatments in London, the UK and Worldwide.