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Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Legal Requirements

LoveLite® is committed to providing our customers with the very latest in up to date information regarding the safe and legal provision of teeth whitening products within the UK.

LoveLite® considers our responsibility to you, our valued customers, very seriously and as such, has ensured that the whitening products we provide could not be safer.

Please take a moment to read the helpful information below regarding the law and cosmetics regulations enforced within the UK.


The European Commission are responsible for delivering cosmetic regulations and directives to European Union member states. LoveLite® ensures that all products available to consumers comply with the enforceable directive 2011/84/EU (formerly 76/768EC)

LoveLite® would like to make it known that this information has been sourced directly from the European commission’s representatives, the relevant UK authority’s and the ACTWP. LoveLite® is not a legal body and we do not provide independent individual legal advice. Any information provided here is NOT in the legal sense, advice.

Cosmetic teeth whitening products containing or releasing up to 0.1% hydrogen peroxide and below shall be made freely and readily available to consumers within the UK. There shall be no restrictions upon the use, provision of training and or treatments using a cosmetic product.

The directive is clear regarding products which contain 0.1>6% hydrogen peroxide shall be made available only to dentists or other suitably qualified dental professionals. Any persons found to be using gels in excess of these parameters shall be open to prosecution by the relevant authority within their own country.

In the UK the national and local trading standards authorities are empowered with the responsibility of enforcing the directive. There is no other organisation, public or private that have the power to enforce or act upon any actions undertaken by a person using a cosmetic product to provide a cosmetic service.

Conflictions explained

In some circumstances EU and UK law conflict, if this instance arises then the EU law in question supersedes the law of its member state, in this case the UK.

In recent years many private organisations have attempted unsuccessfully to use their own legislative measures to enforce their own beliefs regarding the provision of a service using a cosmetic product. While some organisations are empowered by parliament to protect the public, their jurisdictional remit is limited to actions within their own industry, or members of their organisations.


LoveLite® would like to ensure your complete peace of mind with the purchase of any products you may choose.

Our products comply fully with all legislation, regulation and directives, and product test sheets are available upon request.